Magic Sing (Song Index)

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Magic Sing

XTreme Magic Sing is a videoke microphone product by EnterTech (widely popular among Filipino communities), this App is a search index for the songs in-built to the microphone and song chips.

Send us feedback and suggestions for future releases.

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NOTE: This is not a karaoke application but a supplement to the Magic Sing product.

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Select the version of XTreme microphone you are using by touching on the “Chipset” tab. Then click on the Microphone Version item.

Select the version of microphone by touching on the item until the check image appear next to the microphone you selected.  Then click on the ‘Chipset’ on top of the screen to go back to the previous page.

To select  a song, click on the ‘Songs’ tab. You can either browse for songs or search for songs.

To see the artist, click on the ‘Artist’ tab.  By clicking on an artist, you’ll get the list of songs.

By clicking on the song, it will take you to the song page to see your song code, which you can now punch in on your Xtreme Microphone.


80 Responses to Magic Sing (Song Index)

  1. desz says:

    hi admin, i am an employee of xtreme magicsing here in head office…. very nice application, indeed! we might help u upload some of the datas you’ll need… thank you and more power!!!

  2. Yvonne says:

    I put wrong one, please could you add mt15 k

  3. Yvonne says:

    Could you add the mk15 please

  4. joe says:

    song codes did not match my wow magic sing ED 8000,song chips 3,4,6 & 7.THANKS

  5. markymark says:

    this app rocks! more power and keep adding new magic mic

  6. Ed says:

    Tag chip 4 is off by 1 number.

  7. Ed says:

    Please add ET19KV

  8. rmlorayes says:

    Add ET9K please?

  9. Happydog says:

    I would gladly pay money for this app if I could get more of the song chips added. Please!!!!

  10. michael Feldman says:

    Awesome app!!! This is great. Can you add et18kv? LOve your app.

  11. Ralf says:

    Hey, great App, thanks a lot! Works great with my iPad!
    Unfortunately my song chips UK-01 and DE-1 are missing, it would be great if you could add those.

    Thank’s a lot!

  12. Merle watts says:

    I have an et18k. The list doesn’t seem to match. On the back of one of the mic’s it says model magic duet ex-180t. Is it not the same?

    • admin says:

      Hi Merle, if you can find the listing on the web I’ll try to incorporate it in the next release.

  13. Merle watts says:

    Anyway to add the POP474 chipset?

  14. mac says:

    nice find burn.i also have xrtreme diamond.
    thanks !

  15. Burn says:

    I just saw a website with the most accurate database for xtreme diamond. There are now 2600 built in songs rather than 2300 as what your app has. Hope you update it soon as this app is very convenient for browsing songs and artists.

  16. Rose says:

    Hi,i don’t know how to enter the song code to microphone. It doesn’t work…can pls tell me how? Thank u

  17. admin says:

    For those who wish to include their microphone version in the next update of the IOS apps, please direct me to the song list website (url) or send me a CSV file.

  18. Jerry says:

    Please add Extreme Magicsing ET19KV ver.200 for iphone apps. Your application really very impressive. Well done!

  19. mac says:

    crashed at v5.0 iphone 4 when selecting model of magic sing model

  20. Burn says:

    Very nice app. Quick for browsing and searching. I just bought the xtreme diamond. Wondering if you could update the built in songlist. Your app says there’s 2300 built in songs but the actual mic i bought is already updated to 2400+ songs. But the current list is quite accurate. More accurate than what is listed in xtreme’s website. Perhaps someday you can also add enter tech’s foreign song chips pop 1-18.

  21. Kiko says:

    Kudos to you sir!!! What a great app!!!! Pls add ED6000 too!!?

  22. Lady alarcon says:

    Magicduet (18dt) dc3v(alkaline aa 1.5
    V2)et18kv) add plaese

  23. Lady alarcon says:

    Can you add my extreme magic sing IT18KV

  24. ruzlyn says:

    it don’t match the my et19k built in songs!!!

  25. Erik says:

    This is a great app. I can’t wait till more chips indexes are added.

  26. Art Quindoy says:

    Can you add more Sergio Mendez songs

  27. Roderick says:

    Please add song chip information for Hristian and Worship song chips. Thanks.

  28. Frode Bjorn says:

    Can you please add “WOW Mabuhay Plus” (TKR301MR) built-in songs in the application? Thank you

  29. Adelia says:

    I would like to request the wow videoke premium.

  30. Marc says:

    To Author:

    Can you please add Wow! EG-18000 built-in songs in the application? Thank you

  31. Jacque says:

    Et 3000/et 3k plzzz plzzz plzzz

  32. Jacque says:

    Can u include tagalog chips for eT-3000 plz? I wolud really appreciate it

  33. Jacque says:

    Can u include eT-3000 plz? Plz? Thnk u:) i need tagalog songs:)

  34. emie says:

    i’ll be trying the instruction but it’s not working ED800 can u tell me or help me how it works?

  35. Chip schmidt says:

    I have edition 8000 with 4 chips. You have one of them. Tagalog 6. But you need more. Pop 1, Pop 2 & UK chips

  36. Trinity says:

    Where is the microphone

  37. Edward says:

    Send some demo dont know how?

  38. Scott says:

    Can u add chips
    14 Soft Rock/Easy Listening/Gospel
    15 Dance Club Disco


  39. Cecile Lan says:

    Thank you for this file! It makes the songs a lot easier to search in Magic Sing. Now karaoke nights would be much more fun than usual!
    Cecile Lan

  40. Evan Newell says:

    Ed-11000 please!

  41. Kevster says:

    How can I work this thing. Or can I download the mic or something pls help I don’t know what to do

  42. Vito says:

    Great beginning! Can you add the listing for the new N705 Chip? I also have song listing as xls file.

  43. Jhenam says:

    How do I send the file, I can’t find an e-maill address. I have the file ready to go.

  44. Benn B says:

    Pls add magicsing X18K (EG-18000) thanks!

  45. Jhoy B says:

    Pls add magicsing X18K (EG-18000)… Thanks!

  46. Jhenam says:

    Please add Magic Sing singalong EV-2000. I have the files in excel format if you need them

  47. Ronski says:

    Wd like to request to include in yoursong index model ed8000 for wow magic sing premium, thank you very much…

  48. rainiac says:

    @maricar, this is a song index for the Magic Sing microphone (if you own one). use this to search for song and artist and get the code to be entered in your mic.

  49. maricar says:

    i really don’t know how it works in my iphone? can you please add some demo?thanks