Magic Sing (Song Index)

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Magic Sing

XTreme Magic Sing is a videoke microphone product by EnterTech (widely popular among Filipino communities), this App is a search index for the songs in-built to the microphone and song chips.

Send us feedback and suggestions for future releases.

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NOTE: This is not a karaoke application but a supplement to the Magic Sing product.

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Select the version of XTreme microphone you are using by touching on the “Chipset” tab. Then click on the Microphone Version item.

Select the version of microphone by touching on the item until the check image appear next to the microphone you selected.  Then click on the ‘Chipset’ on top of the screen to go back to the previous page.

To select  a song, click on the ‘Songs’ tab. You can either browse for songs or search for songs.

To see the artist, click on the ‘Artist’ tab.  By clicking on an artist, you’ll get the list of songs.

By clicking on the song, it will take you to the song page to see your song code, which you can now punch in on your Xtreme Microphone.


110 Responses to Magic Sing (Song Index)

  1. Greg Gall says:

    Please add the songs for Magic Sing II (firmware NED2K 2.1.79).
    Let me know if you need help getting a song list for this device – I should be able to find it online!



  2. Jaspher says:

    How use magic sing ?

  3. Catherine says:

    Hi there,

    Can you please add the Xtreme Magic Sing – Vol 5.

    A million thanks! 🙂

    God bless.

    Kind regards,

  4. Robert says:

    Where can we buy chips for our magic sing? We bought our magic sing in 2001 and up to now it is still working and in good condition. But we do not know where to buy chips. Thank you.

  5. Update my magic sing

  6. Noel says:

    Please add Chipset for Magic Sing Diamond HD ET23KH

  7. Carl says:

    how can I get the songs for ED-9000 added as an option?

    They are listed at

    It is nice to see you have have my treme Collection Vol. 1 already, but it would be nice to have the ED9000 (you have ED8000 so far

    If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

  8. can i use this app for xtreme magic sing Version 6???

  9. Erwin says:

    Please have a look at the complete index of songs:

    I am particularly interested in the Dutch chips 1,2 and 3.

  10. Muriel says:

    please add ET LP000012


  11. William says:

    Please include as an option, to disable the built in songs. This is to allow me to view the available songs per chip. My unit wow magic sing silver fiesta edition is also not included. Pls include.

  12. Peter says:

    Awesome app.
    Any chance I can get the lists in Excel? Happy to pay.

  13. Arlin says:

    pls. add ET13K. thank you

  14. simplicio hapis says:

    These people at Magic Sing are useless, has a VERY POOR support. They dont even have the decency to reply to these posts. Now that you have their Mic, they are just waiting for tou to hit your head with it.

    Compliling the songs for each Mic model should not be a big task but they dont want to do it for older Mics to entice the consumer to buy the new models.

    • admin says:

      Sorry for you disappointment. Unfortunately this App is not made by the company who made Magic Sing but just by a single individual.

      This is just a hobby of mine and not getting any money out of it. In fact I have to pay Apple in order to upload the Apps in iTunes. I’ve been very busy with real work so pardon me If I can’t keep up with updates.

      I will update the app when I can get time off work.

  15. Jorge says:

    Thanks, incredible app however my microphone and chips arent listed. Hopefully you can include them in your next upgrade. I have a Ed 6000 (factory chip pop-sp 2.763 songs), and chips LT3 LT4 LT5 LT7. Thanks!!

  16. Owen says:

    Hi how are you I would like to ask if you can add the wow magic sing premium model I love your apps it help us a lot you make it easy to find the song in my Videoke but the one that I both is not in your apps I hope you can add my magic sing model in your apps thanks more power. God bless

  17. De La Cruz Vivian says:

    Dear Sir,

    I downloaded the magic sing app. However, the combination of the mic and the song chips that I hold are not matching the one that are preloaded with your software.

    Here is my mic number: PHI051D8U00271 (Enter Tech LP000012)

    Here are my chips number: Tagalog 3, Tagalog 4, Tagalog 5, Tagalog 6, Tagalog 7, Tagalog 9.

    All these we’re bought in 2006.

    If there is a way to download the database directly from the song chips (via the USB connection) please let me know. If it is possible the I can download the lists and mail them to you.

    If not, I hope you is a way to amend your software with the correct database so that your software becomes very useful to me.

    Thanks in advance for your time and for making such a software available freely.

    Bests Regards,

    Vivian De La Cruz.

  18. chai says:

    Please add magic sing tkr 320 and chips.
    Song list here

    Thank you

  19. louisse says:

    pls add english song list number 23, 24 and 25

  20. B. Parker says:

    The app is absolutely a lifesaver. I would love the following chips added to the next version release: Magic Sing ET-V09 Magic Sing R&B Motown Song Chip With 141 Built in Songs, ET Pop Vol. 17 New Release (100 Songs), Magic Sing ET-V03 Magic Sing Disco/Dance/Club/Rap Song Chip With 136 Built in Songs and MAGIC SING MICHAEL JACKSON SONG CHIP W/ 52 SONGS. It would also be nice to have a search based on individual Chip Name. Thank you!

  21. mhei says:

    can i download the complete chips for extreme 18k gold?

  22. SB says:

    This is the app my family has been missing 🙂
    Want to get away all the papers flying around when we are searching for songs.

    Please!! Can you add model EG-18000 ?


  23. Ana Lares says:

    Could you please add Spanish Vol1
    Here’s the link

    thank you, very much
    great idea

  24. Andrew says:

    Hi, a few of us here in the UK have the Wow Philippines Magic Sing II from year 2005. Is there any support coming for it please?

  25. Ed Cruz says:

    Could you add wow! TKR-310? Thanks!!

  26. MaBDet says:

    Hi This a wonderful tool to have. I have the ED-1100 version, can you please add?

  27. Ella says:

    Hi Admin!
    can you please update the microphone version (Xtreme 9K Karat) 2130 built-in songs index app, it shows W,Y& Z in my songlist.. 🙁
    Thank you very much!

  28. Pamela says:

    can you please update the app version of Xtreme 9K karat
    song index?
    thanks! more power…

  29. Geraldine PH says:

    i just bought the (ET9K) Xtreme 9K Karat version, can you please update the built in songs of this magic sing.
    Thank you!:)

  30. John says:

    Thanks for this awesome app. Could you please add the recently released Starchip (Tagalog/English). I would be happy to email you the song list. Thanks!

  31. Jun says:

    Doesn’t work. It shows wrong number of the songs.

  32. Arfeen says:

    Can you add the Hindi songs list to the app, it will really help. Magic sing is huge in india and Bollywood is full of songs. Thanks

  33. aj gayas says:

    how about ETK9 magic sing?? how is it?

  34. Luis Pérez says:

    Can you please add the songs for the ED-9000? It has a chip inside with the name sp-01 and has Spanish songs popular in latin America. I can help you out if you need help just mail me, Thanks!

  35. Micke says:

    Can you uppdate and add à search function.
    And allo add all of your Sony chips, asit is nog Ohly inbuild songs is there, but I have 6 other chips to.

  36. Courtney says:

    How do u punch in the codes and where do u go to

  37. Jose Carlos says:

    wonderful App!!!! Please add spanish chip song (1.573 songs) (

    Thank you from Canary Island!

  38. Rod Relano says:

    Please add model WOW EG-18000.

    Very good application.


  39. Robert says:

    Hi Admin thanks a lot for this great application, kindly add the spanish chips,

  40. mrgezau says:

    hi could you please add the ed 11000. thanks

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